Company Profile

Kissan Support Services is a Private Limited Company, established in 2005 as a subsidiary of ZTBL. The purpose for establishing this subsidiary was to outsource Bank’s noncore activities and to provide growth in the agriculture sector by supplying agro based technology, agriculture inputs (seeds, fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides etc) and machinery to the farmers.

Agriculture is a vital sector of Pakistan’s economy and it contributes to the total GDP of the country. ZTBL, being the only bank in Pakistan working for the growth of agriculture, has empowered KSSL to promote agriculture and facilitate the farmers in achieving the desired goals on economical cost, keeping itself to the banking activities. KSSL is providing quality products and services to ZTBL clients for efficient and improved farming including seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and agro-machinery; technical services like design of irrigation & drainage system, repair and maintenance of agricultural machinery and; other services like training and education of farmers, market information and crop insurance etc.

Apart from this, KSSL is also involved in other activities and businesses which enhance the value and profitability of the company. The activities are the non core activities given by the Bank which include:



To be a dynamic and growth oriented company by engaging into a number of different businesses and joint ventures, in order to increase our profitability and financial health. To be fully devoted to our clients, business partners, and stakeholders by providing outstanding quality of services and committed to accomplish excellence.



To support the agriculture sector by providing technical, educational, and consultancy facilities to our clients, getting involved in diverse business ventures to become a financially sound company, and to support ZTBL by carrying out its non core activities.