Chairman’s Message

I would like to welcome you to the website of Kissan Support Services Private Limited (KSSL) and feel thankful for taking out time from your busy schedule to explore the current activities of KSSL and its successes.

KSSL is the subsidiary of ZTBL which started its operations in 2006. The reason for making this company was to give out Bank’s non core activities so that the Bank could keep its focus on banking, and financial business projects. KSSL is being utilized for the growth of agriculture and farmers through noncore and commercial activities of the company. These activities are also carried out to strengthen up the financial health of ZTBL. Through banking channel, KSSL is empowering the farmers as well as supporting the agriculture market.

I strongly believe that KSSL will succeed in its mission to become one of the significant private limited companies in promoting agriculture related activities in the market and providing raw materials to the farmers for better cultivation.

KSSL has a dynamic workforce that is well aware of the business environment and corporate social responsibilities. The CEO/MD of the company believes in empowering his employees by giving them good opportunities to excel and to achieve the goals. I’m sure KSSL will go on doing its best by putting in continuous efforts to achieve business excellence which will benefit ZTBL as well.

Syed Talat Mehmood
President ZTBL/Chairman BOD, KSSL.